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I WILL Succeed this year!

First seedling of 2016 emerges!
First seedling of 2016 emerges!

I am not going to pretend that I have something new to offer the world wide web in terms of starting seeds, on the contrary, I am certain that I could learn a ton from all of you! Last year was my first attempt at starting my own seeds…let’s just say it didn’t go the way I envisioned. I really didn’t do much research, I thought “how hard can it be? You put a seed in some dirt, water it, and it will grow!” I don’t know why I ever thought that way – I can’t even keep a house plant alive. I guess I thought it shouldn’t be too hard since I have always done pretty well with outdoor plants. Well, this year I did my homework. While I don’t anticipate that I will be as successful as I would like, I am hopeful that I will get a least a few of my own seedlings in the ground this year! 

I found my first step was to determine what my last frost date would be. I used Farmers Almanac for this, but I was told that your State Cooperative Extension program can be very helpful with this as well. Last year I mixed my own seed starter soil, but decided that perhaps that was where I went wrong, so to be safe I purchased a ready to go organic seed starter mix. I also soaked my seeds before planting this year- I had no idea that was a thing to do! The seeds have been planted and most began to sprout – my peppers don’t seem to be doing anything. Maybe they need more time? Or maybe they are just not into growing this year? Not sure….But I am not letting that take away from my excitement over all my other little green sprouts! I have used the diluted fish emulsion to fertilize my new friends. I sure do hope they appreciate it, because that was not a pleasant aroma to have within the house. But hey, if it produces strong, healthy plants then I’m game!

So far, I am sure you are right there with me. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of plant rearing, right? Well, here is where I find myself teetering on the edge of what most consider sane behavior…I mentioned that I was doing a lot of research this year in order to be successful. It was during this research that I read a fascinating article about an experiment done with plants to show that talking to and “petting” seedlings makes them grow stronger and faster than those that are left alone. As I read it, I chuckled at the idea of petting my plants. I’ve heard the argument for talking to your plants, but I always assumed that this is due to CO2. Scientifically, the article relates the results to vibrations making the plant adapt and grow stronger. Well, wouldn’t you know that evening I was telling my seedlings all about my day, while petting them to ask how their day was. Ya, I know, I’ve lost my mind…become the crazy plant lady! Think what you want, but I am telling you, I am determined to be successful this year. What could it hurt? Right? I will keep you posted and let you know my findings. Do plants like when you pet them? Stay tuned….

*Just, please, someone voice their concerns for me if I start saying that my seedlings are talking back to me, ok?

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