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Talk To Me Tuesday – Let’s Start a Conversation

Things have been challenging for us all. One of the biggest challenges I have faced is how to fill my need for meaningful group conversations with powerful exchanges of ideas. This is something that really nourishes my soul. Like food nourishes a body, conversations and connections nourish a mind. I heard from so many others that this loss of connection was also impacting them in a negative way. So we really want to designate a space for these conversations. While we can’t have them in person over a meal right now, we can explore new ways to engage! So today we launched our conversation starter on our very first Talk To Me Tuesday. We’ve left it very loose and open to hear back from you any ideas and directions you want to go. It is important to us that we involve you in this so our conversations are accessible and meaningful to as many as possible.

Tell us what you think!!

With Love and Gratitude,