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You Are The Sky

This year has brought many changes, challenges, & opportunities for growth to Nourish My Soul – and each of us as individuals as well.We have taken our time to stop and listen to our community and search for the ways that Nourish My Soul can best creatively meet those expressed needs. Over and over again we heard loud and clear that people are feeling a sense of de-stabalzation – that they are feeling like there is nothing tethering them any longer and that the constant flow of negative news and fear and anxiety are making it increasingly difficult to function. It is not necessarily that we want “to go back” but I believe what I am hearing is that what we are craving is a sense of stability, support, and predictability. So we are beginning to roll out some of our responses to this need and we are hopeful that we rise to meet that need. We are learning as we go and open to suggestions of improvement – so please don’t hesitate to respond with your much valued feedback! 

Please have a listen to our first session of Mindful Mondays to start your week off right! 

With Much Love & Gratitude, 


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