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Radicle Thursday; Meet Bella & Kenya

We are excited to introduce Bella and Kenya, two From The Ground UP alumni, to the world! These two young women have taken the lead on a variety of community projects that have inspired many adults and young people alike. They are now taking over to host the Radicle Thursdays in order continue the work on a larger scale. Get to know Bella and Kenya in their first episode where they talk about their experiences as young people trying to advocate for change.

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Kenya and Bella hope to inspire young people to be unafraid of using their voice as well as the adults to listen to those voices with an open mind. Too often we dismiss young people, which only hurts us as a society – leaving a huge untapped resource for betterment.

Please take a moment to say “Hi!” to Bella & Kenya and let them know what you thought of their first episode of Radicle Thursday!

If you know of an inspiring young person, please contact us so we can highlight their work!

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