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Radicle Thursday – Creating Radicle Youth

RADICLE: the part of a plant embryo that develops into the primary root.

What You Plant Grows; Planting the Seeds Of Change!

Nourish My Soul is most proud of it’s RADICLE youth! We believe in the power of our youth. While most adults tend to view their relationship with young people as the younger person needing their wisdom and feel a need to take the role of teacher and younger person a student, we operate differently. Our work with young people has taught us equally as much, if not more, than what we have taught to them. They provide endless amounts of hope and inspiration for new ways of thinking and operating. Mainly because they haven’t “Been around” long enough to have a tarnished view or become stuck in “the way it’s always been done”.

We often think “If only the world got to see what we see in our work with young people. They would be inspired and hopeful again.” So when we were thinking about what we wanted to do in our new launch – we knew that there needed to be a focus of inspiration from young people. While our From The Ground UP leaders are just solidifying this year, a transition year as well as a year dealing with unusual obstacles, we thought we would kick off by opening up the conversation to allow you to nominate some young people you know that are doing remarkable things. Soon, our From The Ground UP leaders will take the reins and lead us into places filled with hope – exactly what we all need right now!

Planting The Seeds of Radicle Change

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a From The Ground UP high school leader? Apply HERE

With Love and Gratitude,