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Talk To Me Tuesday; Dealing with Time Change

Talk To Me Tuesday - Dealing With The Time Change
Time To “Fall Back”

Ugghhhh…In just a few days it will be back into the darkness as we turn our clocks back…. Who thought this was a good idea? And WHY are we still participating in it? Honestly, dealing with time change is miserable. I know everyone always gets excited about “gaining” an hour of sleep, but really it just alters your sleep patterns and creates an added stress that none of us need. Please, I need tips on how YOU deal with it. I will share my best tips, but I am always looking for more on this topic because the struggle is real!

How do you manage the time change?

My Best Tips for Managing the Time Change

  1. Start easing into the new routine NOW – while there are days to slowly prepare your body for this shift. I know it is only an hour, but that hour can create chaos with your internal clock; lowering immunity, making you feel foggy-headed, and create unsavory mood changes. To help me with this (And the dreaded darkness that follows) I invested in a light alarm clock. Seriously one of the best purchases I have made recently! It gradually increases in light as you approach your desired wake up time – making a much nicer waking experience. It mimics sunlight, so you wake up feeling refreshed, unlike the misery of waking up to a loud alarm in the dark. I may sound dramatic right now, but this is how I feel – it has made a huge difference in how I wake up.
  2. No caffeine after 1pm for me! That is a rule I adhere to all the time because if I don’t, I am struggling all night to sleep! I also avoid alcohol in the couple hours leading to bedtime – while it might make you sleepy, it actually disrupts your sleep patterns, making you feel less rested in the am.
  3. I have a nighttime routine. I shower or take a warm bath at night, have a cup of chamomile tea, and read. I don’t watch TV, go on my phone, or the computer before bed.

What are your best tips?

I would love to hear from you about how you deal with the time change. Or maybe you love it – in that case I most definitely need to hear from you as to why! I could use some positivity surrounding this topic, because it creates a lot of dread for me…

With Love & Gratitude,