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Foodie Friday; Scrap Apple Jelly

Our Growing Healthy Kids class spent the month of October making apple recipes -YUM!! But as you know, Nourish My Soul is focused on reducing food waste so we are always looking at ways to use every last bit. So our class last night learned a little bit of science and utilized that to reduce our waste by making Scrap Apple Jelly. Did you know that apple peels naturally contain a high amount of pectin? Pectin is what makes jelly gel. That means that you can make jelly without adding pectin! Isn’t that cool? We made straight apple jelly, but the idea can be used in combination with other flavors as well. Why not apple berry jelly? Or I was thinking lavender apple jelly would be delicious…What will you come up with for your Scrap Apple Jelly?

Scrap Apple Jelly jars with Nourish My Soul logo
No waste – Scrap Apple Jelly for the win!

Rethink Your Food Waste

My grandmother actually taught me this recipe. A product of the Great Depression, my grandmother was the master of stretching food and wasting NOTHING! I am so grateful for all that she taught me, and am often surprised when I witness the unwitting wastefulness of others. I don’t think it is lack of care, but rather a lack of knowing the potential in the waste. This recipe highlights exactly that – those peels and cores that we toss away (or even into the compost) have so much still to offer! Even if you won’t be using them right away, put them in a ziploc bag and pop them into the freezer until you have the time to make the scrap apple jelly. Hint* I also do this with veggie scraps until I collect enough to boil down to make broth.


Making jelly requires canning as well, which is very intimidating to many people. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Purchase canning jars with sealing lids.

  1. Sterilize jars and rings for the lids in boiling water (do not boil the lids with the seal – it will damage the seal)
  2. Turn off heat and add the lids to the hot water
  3. When jelly is ready, fill jars leaving a little space at the top.
  4. Wipe down the outside of the jar with a clean cloth
  5. Place lids on top of jars
  6. Gently twist the ring on – do not twist all the way – just lightly closed
  7. Place jars in a large pot of boiling water that covers the tops
  8. Boil for 5 minutes
  9. Remove from water and wait to hear the “pop” of all your lids before tightening the lids

What If My Jelly Doesn’t Gel?

Sometimes this happens, even when using added pectin. It is ok – don’t stress about it. Apple Syrup is just as tasty and can be used on all kinds of things – think pancakes, ice cream, fruit, yogurt, etc… As a fix for next time, use more tart apples rather than the sweet ones, they contain more pectin. Also boil it down longer next time, the longer it boils, the more it will gel. Last resort, you can always add a little pectin.

How Will You Use This Recipe?

Let me know what you will use this jelly for, or if you are changing it up adding other fruits/flavors. I would love to hear how you make it your own!

With Love & Gratitude,