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Radicle Thursday; Tamara From p:ear

This Radicle Thursday Bella and Kenya had a great talk with Tamara from p:ear in Portland Oregon. P:ear is a nonprofit that works with homeless youth. I just love their philosophy and approach to the issue, where they are grounded in love and connection. Here is their philosophy taken straight from their website:

“p:ear builds positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art and recreation to affirm personal worth and create more meaningful and healthier lives.

We admire every homeless youth’s intelligence and capacity for humor and love in the face of great adversity.”

Why p:ear?

P:ear uses food as a source of connection – something we at Nourish My Soul are passionate about! They also train the youth in transferable skills to help them get jobs and earn money to break the cycle. They have a Barista training because, well….Portland is big on coffee! As well as a bike repair training because they found that with a large population of Portland residents biking, there is a demand for repairs. And finally, the passion of their founders was art, so p:ear uses art as a way to not only as a form of expression, but as a means for income as well.

P:ear has a gallery where people can purchase beautiful art pieces from their youth. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out – the pieces are stunning!! How amazing that you can hang something beautiful on your wall as a reminder of all the homeless youth out there with incredible gifts to share with the world if we only extend them some love and connection and opportunity!

Binge on Hope with Radicle Youth

Really, you should have a listen to the conversation. For me, this conversation came at a time when my hope was dwindling. Listening to young people who are taking care of their community – especially the ones that society has discarded and largely ignored, re-ignited that spark of hope. Knowing that it only takes a few people to still love deeply and care for others without regard to skin color, gender, or sexual orientation is inspiring me to keep going. So if you are feeling let down this week, listen in – heck binge listen to all the Radicle Thursdays! I promise it will be light for you as well.

So Grateful!

Each week I get the pleasure of receiving an unedited version of Bella and Kenya’s weekly Radicle Thursday podcast interview. It is my job to listen and edit it for your consumption. It is time consuming and a task that came with a learning curve, but it is a job I cherish and wouldn’t trade for anything! Why? Well because I get to be a fly on the wall as two remarkable young women of color engage in real conversations about the things that matter to them. I get to look in as they learn from a diverse collection of inspiring young people, and share ideas for the future they hold out hope for creating.

The future they have envisioned and are tirelessly working towards is beautiful! A world full of love, compassion, connection, curiosity, and equity. A future where each person is celebrated for the unique gifts they bring to make our world better. It is one where we don’t have to be perfect, only striving to be better. Bella and Kenya laugh at their mistakes, learn from them, and continue to show up. They ask questions and genuinely want to grow from the guests they talk to. I look forward to my editing where I get to listen to each conversation over and over, often catching things I missed the first time. I hope you enjoy listening to the more polished, edited version as well. Please help us spread the hope and inspiration by following us on YouTube, liking and commenting, and sharing it with others!

With Love & Gratitude,