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Talk To Me Tuesday; Parenting in a Pandemic

I had a great conversation with Janine, Nourish My Soul’s Board President, about parenting in a pandemic. Janine was honest in her feelings of overwhelm raising 4 boys a a variety of ages and stages from 1 -20. She also shared some of the once in a lifetime positives that have resulted from this time to help us keep it in perspective. However, any parent knows that no amount of positivity can make up for the pressures of parenting 24/7, trying to meet all the needs of every child, and simultaneously making life/death decisions daily. Overwhelming is an understatement! Listen to the conversation here.

Parenting in a Pandemic; A Conversation with Janine

Streamline the Decision Making

Janine shared the great advice of simplifying the decision making overwhelm. Our brains have a finite capacity for the number of decisions it can make in a day. Save room for the big ones and eliminate the need for the smaller ones that are taking up space.

Create a Set Weekly Menu

This is a GREAT way to also create a feeling of stability and predictability in everyone’s life while also reducing the need for one more decision. If you keep the menu simple, you can also include your child in the preparation – perhaps they can even have set nights that they are in charge of making the entire dinner. This will instill a sense of pride, increase the probability that they will eat their dinner, and take one more task off your hands. Remember to include the expectation of clean up as a part of cooking! (Or maybe you have an arrangement that those who cook don’t clean up – everyone else chips in) In need of kid friendly ideas? Be sure to catch our Foodie Fridays where we share Jr Chef approved recipes each week.

Have a Daily “Uniform”

Getting up and getting dressed is important for your mental health, but deciding what to wear is one more decision adding to the fatigue and can be easily eliminated. Work with your child on determining what that uniform will be and maybe you want one for yourself as well! (It worked for Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg)

Be Kind To Yourself

Know that you are doing your best and we are here for you to support you. Share with us your best tips for others to try as well – what have you found that does or doesn’t work for your family? We are really interested in hearing all about it.

With Love & Gratiitude,