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Foodie Friday; Butternut Leek Risotto

butternut leek risotto cooking in the instapot
Butternut Leek Risotto cooking in the Instapot

I FINALLY played with the Instapot I purchased 2 years ago! I am not sure why I had such a mental block about trying it. I am finding that is what 2020 is all about – conquering all those fears inside us that are holding us back from the things we want to do. Even if it is as silly as trying an Instapot! I have to say, I have some mixed feelings. I am loving how it took This Butternut Leek Risotto, a labor intensive recipe, and made it so quick and simple….BUT…. That is part of the beauty of cooking for me. Pouring the love and time into something nourishing to share with loved ones. So it will not be an all the time thing for me, but I will certainly be using it more often on those occasions when there is too much to do and too little time. Have you tried an Instapot? How do you feel about it? You can grab this week’s recipe with the button below

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