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Foodie Friday; Veggie Packed Falafels

For some reason, this time of year always has me craving falafels. This Veggie Packed Falafels recipe was made by our Jr Chefs back in 2017 and it is still my go to recipe when those cravings hit! While the recipe itself is super simple, it does require thinking and planning ahead because you must use dried chickpeas, NOT canned! Canned chickpeas will ruin the recipe with too much moisture and you will be very disappointed in the outcome. Using dried chickpeas is not difficult, it simply requires some preplanning (something I am not very good at!). The chickpeas will need to soak in water overnight to soften.

Veggie Packed Falafels!

How To Serve Your Veggie Packed Falafels

You can shape the veggie packed falafels into ball shapes or flatten them into discs, whichever you prefer. If you like to serve your falafels in a pita sandwich, the discs may be your best option. I like to have mine in a salad, so I prefer the ball shapes. If you have extra chickpeas, make some hummus to accompany them! Homemade hummus is so superior to store bought and is incredibly easy to make. (Blend up chickpeas, tahini, garlic, cumin, lemon juice, and olive oil). Veggie Packed Falafels make awesome picnic food too, probably why I start craving them when the weather gets warmer. I love a good picnic! Especially now with Covid taking away so many of our options, picnics are still a great way to gather with loved ones around food – you are outside and can socially distance while bonding over delicious food.

I hope you pack some of these falafels for your next picnic and share some pictures with us! (I LOVE seeing pictures of all of you enjoying food together!)

With Love & Gratitude,