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Three Minute Thursdays; National High Five Day

This week our Three Minute Thursday falls on National High Five Day which got me thinking about how little we celebrate ourselves and one another. We are so quick to find faults, it is rare that we seek out the greatness we each bring every day. Sometimes it takes greatness just to get out of bed and keep going when the weight of the world feels crushing. Other times we accomplish something incredibly fabulous, like raise another human being to be a positive contributor to our society. We tend to only celebrate things like promotions at work or completion of a big project – but there are so many other things that require a huge investment of energy and care that we overlook each day and ought to be celebrating. Did I just hear you ask “why should we celebrate that? Everyone does those things!” Well, I am so glad you asked!

Let’s Celebrate National High Five Day

There are actual health benefits to providing positive reinforcements to others!

1. Makes The Recipient Feel Loved

Even when you give yourself that “high five”, it produces health protective hormone outputs. Just as stress hormones deteriorate health, love hormones protect health. Stop and take that in for a minute. Just by showing someone love, you can improve their health outcomes. I think we can all agree that is something worth investing a little energy into. (Rather than the negative energy we naturally default to)

2. Boosts Self Esteem

When we are recognized for our accomplishments, it boosts our self esteem. Not only does a greater self esteem feel good, but it also compels us to reach higher and farther with the confidence that we can tackle hard things. Often times the difference between success and failure is simply whether or not you believe you can. Imagine a world where each of us had the confidence to boldly go after our dreams.

3. The Giver Feels Good Too

It is not only the recipient of the “high five” that gets protective hormone outputs, the giver does as well. So not only are you improving the health of others while praising their accomplishments, but you also are improving your own health! And who doesn’t feel good when they are able to make someone else feel good?

4. Positivity Is Contagious

When spreading positivity and praise, it creates a ripple effect that spread mental and physical wellness far and wide. One “high five” could potentially improve the health of thousands…maybe even millions of people you have not even met yet. Isn’t that remarkable?

Keep your praise genuine and heartfelt. There is always something kind to be said about everyone, find it and speak it out loud. Remember there is something remarkable to be found in seemingly mundane everyday things as well. Living through a pandemic is certainly not one to be overlooked!

With Love & Gratitude,


P.S. You are doing AMAZING navigating an incredibly difficult time of isolation and fear, I am really proud of you!