Board Member Applications Being Accepted!

We have room at our table!

Nourish My Soul’s board is responsible for the direction of Nouish My Soul (NMS). NMS Board members will be selected based on their ability to represent different backgrounds, communities, and food system sectors, their dedication to improving the Local Food System, and their capacity to meet the Board commitments. The membership selection process shall strive to consider racial, gender, socioeconomic, generational, ethnic, and geographic diversity.

Board Member Requirements
• Must be a resident of CT
• Must be 16-22 years old if applying for the Youth Engagement seat
• Must be able to commit to attending quarterly board meetings every three months
• Must be able to commit to attending meetings for one or more Work Groups

NMS Board Members Roles/Responsibilities
• Active participation on one or more Work Groups or Committees
• Identifying key issues, and set board direction and priorities for NMS
• Educate policy makers and the public
• Formulation and oversight of policies and procedures
• Review of organizational documents and reports from Work Groups
• Promotion of NMS
• Identifying fundraising and partnership opportunities
• Attendance at quarterly NMS Board meetings

Board Seats
There are ten seats on the NMS Board of Directors. The following seats are open to the public, and represent different sectors and issues in the food system.

Board Seat Descriptions
• Health, Nutrition, and Wellness
○ Board member should have a background or interest in nutrition and food as it relates to health, public health (governmental or non-governmental), dietetics, and/or fitness
○ Examples: nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, nurses, public health officials/advocates

• Environment, Agriculture, and Sustainability
○ Board member should have a background or interest in environmental issues and advocacy, agricultural sustainability, climate change, food waste, farming and gardening, land use and planning, and/or landscape architecture
○ Examples: environmental activists, scientist, permaculturalists, farmers, landscape architects, non-profit urban agricultural organizations

• School Food
○ Board member should have a background or interest in food for K-12 schools in CT, farm-to-school procurement, healthy options for students, and/or food and nutrition education
○ Examples: teachers, nurses, nutritionists, food service directors, cafeteria workers, school officials

• Anti-Hunger and Food Security
○ Board member should have a background or interest in combating hunger and food insecurity, anti-hunger initiatives, anti-poverty and homelessness advocacy, and/or public assistance
○ Examples: food bank/pantry, nonprofit, faith-based organization

• Farmer’s Markets and Direct Sales
○ Board member should have a background or interest connecting food producers with consumers, and increasing access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food
○ Examples: farmers markets, co-ops, farm to table, CSA’s

• Food Justice and Advocacy
○ Board member should have a background or interest in food justice and equity, public policy change, advocacy, community organizing, and/or racial/gender equity
○ Examples: community organizers, activists, lobbyists

• Colleges and Universities
○ Board member should have a background or interest in food from a research or academic perspective, representing one of CT’s many colleges or universities, or an affiliate organization
○ Examples: professors, students, researchers

• At-large (two seats available)
○ Board member should be a representative of their respective community within CT, and be knowledgeable of food related issues within that neighborhood

• Youth Engagement
○ Board member must be between 16 and 22 years old, and have a background or interest in food policy within CT
Equal Opportunity Statement
Equal opportunity will be afforded to all applicants regardless of race, color, sex, age, religious creed, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, ex-offender status, prior psychiatric treatment or military status.